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During physical training, monitoring your body condition is just as important as overcoming your own barriers. If we want to learn more about our own capabilities, our body behavior during exercise and to avoid overtraining, it is worth buying a watch with a heart rate monitor. Such a device in combination with a dedicated application will facilitate our training, calculate calories burned, measure pressure and pulse. And that's not all! In the Wasserman store you can find useful wrist-based heart rate monitors that will change your workouts beyond recognition.

Heart rate monitor for a runner

Running heart rate monitors are multifunctional devices that, in addition to determining your heart rate and pressure, calculate how many calories you burn during training. They also have a built-in stopwatch and an alarm clock. Is anything more needed during jogging? Perhaps. If we want to keep our finger on the pulse, the watch will notify us of an incoming phone call. With all their multitasking, running heart rate monitors remain small, comfortable gadgets that in no way restrict our freedom of movement. Thanks to their universal character, they can be used not only while jogging, but also while cycling, fitness classes or exercising at home.

Watches and heart rate monitors of a well-known manufacturer - Media-tech

Heart rate monitors for runners are supplied to the Wasserman store by a well-known electronic equipment manufacturer - Media-tech . Thanks to advanced technologies, these devices can be used throughout the day. Using them like regular watches, we'll find out, among other things, how many calories we burned around the clock. What's more, thanks to the sleep monitor we will know the exact time in which we woke up on a given day. The heart rate monitor will indicate the moments that cost us the most effort, the most stressful and the most relaxing. The best models will also find the functions of a pedometer, vibration, smartphone search or notification of calls and incoming messages on the phone.