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Medical accessories will help us to take care of our and our loved ones' health. Now you can measure your pressure yourself, have control over your workout or bring relief to tired joints with a massage mat. Take a look at the Medical accessories department and you certainly won't regret it.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers - Ravanson . Foggy . Overmax . Camry . Mesko
 We have to take care of the air quality in our rooms ourselves. Depending on the season, the air may need drying or humidification. High-class devices available in our offer will help you with this. Air humidifier , it's a fairly simple device, just fill the container with water, which will then turn into cool and refreshing steam. The TeamVeovision, Overmax or Ravanson electric humidifier has a screen that displays information such as: humidity, room temperature and water level. The humidifier and air freshener will eliminate unpleasant odors, and also eliminate the symptoms of abnormal humidity, such as insomnia and migraines. The ultrasonic air freshener can be controlled by remote control. Individual models of these devices differ from each other in shape and some functions. Air filter  with ionization, in turn, devices that produce negative ions contribute to catching pollution. They neutralize the presence of positive ions generated by our electrical equipment and attracting allergens present in the air, fungi and mold germs. Home air filters offered by Wasserman store are high quality devices manufactured by well-known brands. Such manufacturers as Camry or Mesko are very popular and successfully combine an affordable price with the functionality of their equipment.

 Inhalers for adults and children - Promedix
 In the Wasserman store next to the humidifiers you can find inhalers  for children and adults. These devices are suitable for drug nebulization and have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. They improve the functioning of the nasal and throat mucosa, which translates into better well-being and greater immunity. They will be useful at any time of the year, but not only with their health function, but also as a functional gadget for the apartment, because some of them have the function of a bedside lamp. In this section you will also find a car heating mat. Thanks to the rubber straps and non-slip material, it adapts perfectly to the seat. It is equipped with temperature control and has all required safety certificates. An armchair massage mat is a perfect way to relax. massaging mat  into the car (and home) contributes to the treatment of back pain, neck stiffness and migraines. Provides great back, thighs and buttocks massage and relaxes muscles. The mats are very easy to use and offer the function of heating, vibration and massage, and all functions can be controlled by remote control.