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Uncle's name day or just a Friday party with friends - it's not difficult to find an opportunity to drink spirits with friends or family. And although good fun is conducive to eating more drinks, and a good friend will often offer us a night, it often happens that the next day, when it is dawn, we have to get behind the wheel. And here comes the problem - because although we may feel good, we can still be under the influence of alcohol. It is worth getting a breathalyzer to be sure that we can drive.

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Breathalyzers that you can find in our offer have a built-in electrochemical sensor, which virtually eliminates the "measurement error" - something that happens much more often in semiconductor breathalyzers. The device is light, handy, it does not need to be calibrated often (and if necessary, it will be free for the entire warranty period) and it is insensitive to external factors, which in some cases may affect the measurement result. The readable LCD display will allow us to read the measurement without any problems, and the audible signal will inform about the detection of alcohol in the exhaled air or a failed attempt. The set includes several disposable mouthpieces, and the device itself is equipped with a USB input, thanks to which we can easily charge them.

Electronic breathalyzer

We all know very well that alcohol can stay in the body for a very long time. It really depends a lot on the amount consumed, as well as the person and his individual physical characteristics - some digest faster, others slower, we can never be 100% sure that we are completely sober. It is very easy to lead to a tragedy (our reactions can be delayed, and sometimes you have to react in a split second on the road) or lose your driving license (random road checks are an increasingly common practice among Polish police), so to avoid it, it is worth buying an electronic breathalyzer. Only such a breathalyzer will give us confidence that we can drive the car without stress after the event, and thus reduce the risk of a tragedy - remember that on the road we are responsible not only for our own life, but also for the lives of other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.