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Diagnostic connectors in cars are special elements of the universal system used in new vehicles. They allow you to connect professional diagnostic interfaces to them. Thanks to them, you can detect a number of faults in the car, as well as learn the parameters of its work. These systems are also used in workshops to operate complex car systems - for example, gearboxes or security devices. At the Wasserman store, we offer high-quality diagnostic interfaces for cars.

Diagnostic connectors in cars

The basic functions of diagnostic connectors in cars include:

- reading errors related to the engine, ABS or airbags,

- decoding basic information about the vehicle,

- checking the actual operating parameters of the engine or combustion,

- resetting errors after fixing a fault.

The basic functions of the diagnostic connectors can be very useful for car users. Specialists working in workshops, among others, will have much more benefit from this system. Thanks to such devices, they can:

- check the correct operation of electronic components,

- calibrate some sensors,

- operate advanced security systems,

- make changes to the car's software.

Diagnostic interfaces - Toyota, Opel

The Wasserman store supplies diagnostic interfaces from manufacturers offering products dedicated to various car brands. The assortment includes Toyota diagnostic interfaces or Opel diagnostic interfaces. There were also devices designed to monitor the work of Audi, Skoda, Seat or Lexus. Products available in the Wasserman store are USB diagnostic interfaces that allow pairing with a computer, tablet or smartphone. The devices work with applications of all basic operating systems. The offer also includes Bluetooth diagnostic interfaces that allow you to connect them to other devices wirelessly.