Varnish gauges

When buying a new car, we are most often assured by the owner of his accident-free history and perfect condition. Do not assume that this is true. It is definitely better to verify all information yourself and evaluate the quality of the car. It is worth checking whether the car was not knocked, putty or additionally varnished. Such transitions may have been well camouflaged, so a reliable paint thickness sensor will be useful for this. This is an electronic device that will examine the entire surface of the car and signal unevenness in the paint layer.

Paint measurement sensor - properties

Varnish thickness testers available in the Wasserman store are suitable for use not only on steel, but also on aluminum, so you can also successfully examine such elements of the car. The varnish meter will recognize the type of substrate and display information about it and about the covering layer. The whole process of checking the condition of the car is very short - just put a paint thickness gauge on the surface of the car and in a second we will find out in what condition it is. The devices can easily detect accidental painting.

Paint thickness gauges from well-known manufacturers - Blue Technology, Prodig-Tech

The Wasserman store offer includes car paint gauges manufactured by well-known and reputable brands such as Blue Technology and Prodig-Tech. The devices are characterized by reliability and long life. Their operation is based on a modern, fast processor. They are equipped with legible LCD displays, sound signaling and LEDs. They accurately measure the thickness of the varnish and indicate whether it is correct, too thin, two-layer or whether a putty was used.

The varnish measurement sensor is a very good investment and you don't have to wait long for its return. Accident cars can hide many hidden flaws that will only become apparent when it's too late. So let's check the condition of the car in advance, and the paint itself can tell a lot about it.