Meters and interfaces

Why risk higher costs and go to a mechanic with every stupid thing? we can check what and how it works in our car. All you need to do is stock up on specific tools, in the Meters and Interfaces section you will find tools that will help you measure, measure, check and test.

Meters and interfaces at the Wasserman store

It is enough to get a decent meter and we will find out what is squeaking in the car. Using such, for example diagnostic connector we can check; reading errors related to the engine, ABS or airbags, decoding basic information about the vehicle, checking the actual parameters of engine operation or combustion, resetting errors after repairing a defect. And specialists working between workshops, thanks to such devices, can: check the correct operation of electronic components, calibrate some sensors, operate advanced security systems, make changes to the car software. Diagnostic interfaces - Toyota, Opel in the Wasserman store are USB diagnostic interfaces that allow for pairing with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Devices work with applications of all basic operating systems. The offer also includes Bluetooth diagnostic interfaces that allow you to connect them with other devices wirelessly. Another article in this section is the paint measurement sensor. Paint thickness testers available in the Wasserman store are suitable for use not only on steel, but also on aluminum. Such a varnish meter will recognize the type of substrate and display information about it and about the layer covering it. We offer meters from manufacturers such as; Blue Technology, Prodig-Tech . They are equipped with clear LCD displays, sound signaling and LED diodes.

Testers in the offer of the Wasserman store - Xtreme . LTC

Before setting off, make sure that your car is fully operational, that the battery is not discharged (especially at lower temperatures) and that the tires adhere well to the road. In the first case, it will help us tire tread depth gauge , and in the second one, a car battery tester will be necessary. Both products can be found on the shelves of our store. The car battery tester will allow you to easily and quickly check the condition of the battery in the car. The voltmeter with LCD display in our offer will also allow you to monitor the voltage of the alternator. The battery tester is installed in the on-board lighter socket. Many components in the car wear out in the course of everyday use. This applies primarily to tires, because they carry the weight of the entire ride. The gradual wear and tear every day when in contact with asphalt, especially when we brake sharply. Worn tires increase the risk of an accident, because a bald tread means little grip, so we recommend checking the condition of your tires with a digital LTC tire tread depth gauge. We take measurements in several places around the circumference of the tire.