Jumper cables

One of the black scenarios that can come true before going to work every day is that our car won't start. This happens, for example, at very low temperatures. We can also have problems with the battery on the road. All you need is a moment of inattention, resulting in leaving the headlights or radio on, and the power source in our car will discharge. Then the jumper cables will be needed. In the Wasserman store you can find not only traditional car cables, but also modern power banks as an alternative power source.

Firing the car on cables

If the battery is discharged, the most common practice is to fire the car on cables. This is done by using a functioning battery of another car. All you have to do is connect the jumper cables according to the unchanging scheme: a red plus cable with a plus and a black minus battery with the mass of the recipient's car. Then start a functioning car and wait for a while until the battery in the latter is recharging. He will gain the maximum energy after driving several kilometers.

Jumper cables from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Import

The Wasserman store offer includes battery cables manufactured by renowned brands such as Blow and Import. The range includes, among others, a set of necessary tools, which should be in every car. What's more, the Wasserman store has mobile battery starters in the form of power banks. These devices are fashionable nowadays and allow you to top up your phone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Car starters not only provide energy to our electronic devices, but are even able to start the car engine, whose battery has been discharged. The devices have been equipped with flashlights, thanks to which using battery clamps will not cause any problems even after dark. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the attractive offer of the Wasserman store and purchase mobile starters that should be in every car.