Car chargers

One of the most useful accessories for travel is undoubtedly the car phone charger. Nowadays, our smartphones accompany us at every step, and on the way they are useful not only as a communication device, but also as a source of entertainment or car navigation. Providing them with a constant supply of energy is the basis for a successful, pleasant and peaceful journey. This is possible thanks to chargers connected to the cigarette lighter socket. The devices available in the Wasserman store are characterized by high quality and affordable price.

Cigarette lighter splitter

It is worth having a cigarette lighter socket divider at hand, which will allow you to connect even several devices to it. This accessory is especially useful during long journeys, when power is needed by a larger number of electronic devices. The car splitter is protected against overcharging, short circuit and overvoltage, thanks to which its use is completely safe. In addition, it can be mounted anywhere in the car, thus increasing the comfort of travel.

Car chargers from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Kemot, Baofeng, Maclean, TeamVeovision

The assortment of the Wasserman store includes car chargers produced by well-known brands. Manufacturers such as Blow, Kemot, Baofeng, Maclean or TeamVeovision are a guarantee of quality and affordable price. They are characterized by interesting design, aesthetics and small dimensions, thanks to which they perfectly fulfill their role. They can be used as power supplies for phones, tablets, GPS navigation, digital cameras and MP3 players. Thanks to several ports, the micro USB car charger will serve many devices at the same time.

In the Wasserman store you can find not only distributors or chargers. The offer also includes car cigarette lighter plugs, allowing them to be connected to any cable. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the range presented on the store's website.