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The car battery may run out of power when parking outside in cold weather, or when the lights or the air conditioning are left on for too long. It also happens when we only drive around the city, where the engine does not reach high revs - this prevents the battery from being charged properly. A 12V car charger allows you to deal with this type of problem. Converts alternating voltage to direct current, which allows you to quickly and safely recharge a dead battery.

Gel battery chargers

The Wasserman store offers chargers for 12V gel batteries. They are suitable for use in cars, boats and motorcycles. They are resistant to short circuits, overloads and reverse connection to the poles. They also have a quick charge function. Their terminals and cables are of high quality, which translates into their durability and long life. The Wasserman store also offers battery chargers for lead-acid batteries and those with AGM marking. They are suitable for charging batteries in cars, caravans or garden equipment.

Rectifiers and converters from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Powermat, Volt, Vipow

The Wasserman store offer is more than just battery chargers. They are also automotive power converters that can be used for various electronic devices. They convert 24V direct current from the car's installation into 230V alternating current. Thanks to the appropriate plug, you can connect them to the cigarette lighter socket. They, in turn, can be successfully plugged with plugs of RTV equipment, traditional chargers, small household appliances and lighting. Some of these items are sometimes indispensable, for example, during camping and long car trips.

The voltage converter 12V - 230V will guarantee the comfort of using electricity at any place and time. Rectifiers and converters available in the Wasserman store are devices manufactured by well-known companies, such as Blow, Powermat, Volt or Vipow. Thanks to careful workmanship, these tools are distinguished by high quality and reliability.