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New cars have many amenities, especially if we buy the equipment in a full package. However, let's face it - our budget does not always allow it. So it happens that we have to give up some facilities. This does not mean that we are doomed to a non-functional car and less comfortable driving. We can arrange certain amenities on our own. A prime example of this is the rear view cameras for the car. They prove indispensable when parking or difficult maneuvers in tight spaces, and you can buy them at attractive prices in the Wasserman store.

Parking sensors test - which ones to choose?

Reversing sensors for a car differ in many respects. Some of them are dedicated to specific car models, others can be mounted in the license plate frame. There are also different solutions when it comes to the screen and its place of installation. The monitor can be a separate device on the dashboard, it can be placed in the rearview mirror or be suitable for connection to a multimedia radio. Rear parking sensors available in the Wasserman store are often universal devices that combine the functions of navigation, rear view camera, media player or FM transmitter.

Reversing cameras from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Media-Tech, Vordon

Well-known and respected manufacturers supply the Wasserman online store with reversing cameras. A reputable brand is a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the devices. Blow reversing sensors are available, for example, in the form of license plate frames. This solution is characterized by unique aesthetics, as the cameras are not visible, so they do not mar the lines of the car. The kits are suitable for installation in both passenger cars and delivery vans. Blow reversing cameras are just one of the many options available in the Wasserman store assortment. The offer also includes mirrors with a driving recorder and universal reversing cameras that can be installed anywhere in the car.