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Parking can be a challenge even for the most experienced drivers. Just a crowded square, difficult weather conditions or poor visibility and cullet is ready! Fortunately, more and more cars are equipped with a reversing camera, which greatly facilitates parking in hard-to-reach places. If we do not have such amenities in our cars, we can always install them additionally. In the Wasserman store you can find not only reversing cameras, but also solutions that are even more economical and easier to use, i.e. parking sensors.

Rear view cameras

Reversing cameras are nothing but parking sensors with a display. They are very convenient to install, because the lens is located in the license plate frame. Thanks to this, you do not have to disturb the body to mount the camera. This solution will not only show us what is behind the rear bumper, but also inform us with a sound when approaching an obstacle.

The simplest reversing sensors for the car also work on this uncomplicated principle. The variable frequency of the sound allows you to determine the distance from the obstacle and whether we are approaching it or just the opposite. It is worth mentioning the comfort that manufacturers provide users by adding matching drills to the sets. Thanks to this, we can mount sensors in our car independently and very quickly.

Parking sensors from well-known manufacturers - Import, Geko, Blow

In the Wasserman store, you can equip your car with parking sensors from reputable manufacturers. Blow reversing cameras offer the greatest functionality. They give a full picture of what is happening behind our car. However, if we are interested in maximum cost cutting or we feel that the camera is too much for our needs, we can always buy Geko parking sensors. More advanced models have an LED panel, indicating the distance from the obstacle and the side on which it is located. Geko reversing sensors are also characterized by a discreet housing, thanks to which they blend in perfectly with the interior of the car.