Central locks

Until recently, the central castle in the car was associated with luxury. Today it is available in every new car. However, what if we are still driving our beloved model and we dream of modernizing it? We can easily mount such a lock. Its installation will significantly affect the comfort of everyday use of the car. We can easily enrich our car with amenities characteristic of newer models. You can buy the central remote control lock in the Wasserman online store.

Central lock remotely controlled with an actuator

Central car locks are universal and easy to install products. Thanks to functional solutions, such as cooperation with alarms, they are perfect for any car. Thanks to their use, we gain the ability to open and close the door and the tailgate of the vehicle only with the remote control button. This will also be used to search for a car in the parking lot in case we can't remember exactly where we left it. The central motorized locks available in the Wasserman offer have LED signaling, window closing function or "learning" code mode. As the products are compatible with various security systems (e.g. pneumatic, electric or hydraulic), they can be successfully installed in every car and connected to existing installations.

Central locks from a well-known manufacturer - Blow

Central remote locks with an actuator, available in the Wasserman store, are products of the renowned Blow brand. These are high class devices, characterized by affordable prices and maximum functionality. As many amenities as Blow offers, not even the original locks on some cars. They are also distinguished by reliability and trouble-free operation. This is the end of problems with frozen winter locks that prevent getting into the car. Now all you need is one button to open all doors, control the alarm and conveniently use the vehicle!