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Are you afraid for your car? Are you concerned about information about recent thefts taking place in your area? Or maybe you keep important documents in your car so you don't forget to meet them and don't want to lose them? To make your car, as well as everything inside, safer, you should consider buying a car alarm system that you will find in our offer. Any additional security increases the chances that a potential thief will give up evil plans regarding your property.

Car alarm - what is it?

The car alarm is nothing more than an alarm system, i.e. security measures to protect your car against burglary and theft. Car alarms are divided into models with a remote control (they should not be used in the latest car models, because they can disrupt the on-board computer) and those without a remote control. The car alarm has several basic functions, among which we will find useful amenities:

  • Cut off the power supply to the fuel pump and ignition (unable to start the engine),
  • Issuing light and sound signals in the event of unwanted opening of the door, tailgate or bonnet (which ensures that anyone around you will learn about the theft attempt),
  • Motion sensors inside the passenger cabin,
  • Protection against towing or moving the vehicle.

Car alarm - application

All the above-mentioned features make the potential thief think twice before deciding to steal, because it will simply be very problematic for him. No car alarm can probably guarantee 100% security for us, but it can certainly effectively discourage everyone (who likes our property too much) to take any action that is generally considered illegal. Car alarms are also intended to prevent theft by making it more difficult. In this case, the immobilizer (electronic protection preventing the vehicle from starting) and the "anti-hijack system", which makes the car driven by an unauthorized driver stop automatically and cannot be fired again, works.