Camera or sensor?

Safety and alarm in your car is a section devoted to what increases the safety of traveling by car. Here you will find child seats, central locks, parking sensors and reversing cameras.

 Camera or sensor? Geko  whether Blow
Rear view cameras  it's just a parking sensor with a display. Such cameras are extremely easy to install and convenient because the lens is located in the license plate frame. We will know exactly what is behind the rear bumper and will inform us with a sound when approaching an obstacle. The simplest reversing sensors for your car also work on the same principle. The variable frequency of the sound allows us to determine the distance from the obstacle. By adding drills of the right diameter to the sets, we can independently and quickly mount sensors in our car. Reversing sensors  for the car differ from each other, some of them are dedicated to specific car models, others are suitable for mounting in the license plate frame. Rear parking sensors available in the Wasserman store are often universal devices combining the functions of navigation, reversing camera, multimedia player or FM transmitter. In addition to the manufacturer Blow and Geko you will meet representatives Vordon . Peiying .

Lionelo car seats  for children it means greater driving safety
 Available seats in the Wasserman online store are approved car seats. They are functional and comfortable, and above all safe. Lionelo car seats have a great value for money. The use of innovative solutions in them makes it easier in every journey. Lionelo car seats "grow" with your child, they can serve him from an early age until he needs only a pad. It's so comfortable in these car seats that your child will sleep through the entire journey. In addition to the car seats, the safety department is located central car locks . These products are universal and easy to install. Thanks to the central lock, we obtain the ability to open and close the door and the tailgate of the vehicle's trunk with one button on the remote control. With this remote control you will also find a car in the parking lot, as in the heat of shopping we will forget which pillar it stands behind. The central motorized locks available in the Wasserman offer have LED signaling, window closing function or "learning" code mode. We have central locks from a well-known manufacturer - Blow