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The road goes on forever. On the gray highway, you can not count on attractions in the form of interesting landscapes. Favorite radio station saws the same pieces over and over. One would listen to something good, but how to do it, since in this car you can not connect the phone to the radio? After all, it's old audio equipment in an even older car. Sounds familiar? And all you have to do is get a car transmitter. It can be found in the Wasserman store offer, just like the speakerphone necessary behind the wheel.

Which transmitter should I buy?

Buying a transmitter is not a complicated decision. It's a simple device that connects to an MP3 player (and therefore most often to a phone), and it broadcasts our music on FM waves. By tuning the radio, you can listen to your favorite songs from the speakers. The higher the quality of the car USB transmitter, the better the sound quality and less interference. When choosing this type of device, it is also worth paying attention to such amenities as a Bluetooth reader or additional remote controls. The Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to pair your phone with it and use it as a car speakerphone. Everything is done wirelessly.

Transmitters and loudspeakers from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Peiying, Import

The Wasserman store purchases FM transmitters from reputable manufacturers. Brands such as Blow and Peiying are a guarantee of reliability and durability. In the era of streaming services, such as Spotify, for example, an MP3 car transmitter seems to be an essential gadget. A car speakerphone is another useful accessory when traveling.

Talking on the phone behind the wheel is prohibited and, above all, dangerous. Therefore, it is worth using an MP3 Bluetooth transmitter as a speaker or stock up on a stand-alone speakerphone. Some models include an additional remote control placed on the steering wheel, so you can answer and end calls without distracting yourself from driving. FM transmitters and hands-free kits are a must for every car owner with an old-style radio.