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Are you interested in free access to free-to-air TV channels? So you'll be interested in the car satellite tuner, available from the Wasserman store. It enables the reception of satellite programs that are widely available without a fee. Between them you can also find Polish channels. The device is equipped with a number of useful functions that facilitate its operation and use in various circumstances - also outside the home. This equipment is dedicated to car use, which will please especially those who travel a lot.

Access to uncoded channels

Car TV tuners allow you to receive uncoded channels. These are satellite programs that the device can easily capture. Absolutely free. This is not the only advantage of this type of equipment. First of all, it is equipped with a 12V power supply function. It means that we can easily start the car tuner thanks to the energy from the car socket. And this will allow us to watch free programs wherever we are cut off from civilization. Do you spend summer in a tent and you don't want to miss the long-awaited match? Car TV tuner is the answer to your problem.

Car tuners from a known manufacturer - Opticum

Car satellite tuners, which can be found in the Wasserman store offer, are devices of a manufacturer recognized on the market - Opticum . The brand specializes in RTV equipment, which guarantees the high quality of its products. Professional TV-SAT devices are characterized by an attractive value for money, long life and trouble-free operation. Let you enjoy the benefits of television wherever you are. Car tuners have a USB socket that allows you to play files from external media and record your favorite TV programs on them. What is important nowadays, the device also allows you to receive HD channels.