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Have you ever dreamed of tuning your car like the super-fast cars from the game "Need for Speed: Underground" or a series of films "Fast and the Furious" and participating in illegal night races on the streets of big cities? Although we advise against such games, in everyday life we ​​will need some amenities that can make driving even an older car model a real pleasure. In this category we present all car gadgets that can be useful in everyday life.

Car gadgets

Car accessories can be divided into two groups. The first one will contain these gadgets that will simply make our time in the car more pleasant and make driving around the city easier. A key ring equipped with a flashlight can prevent you from losing your car keys, and the reversing camera installed in the license plate will help us park even in a theoretically inaccessible place. In turn, the Bluetooth adapter will allow us to connect the car radio with a phone or mp3 player - we recommend to choose also a Bluetooth remote control that mounts on the steering wheel and thanks to that you can easily jump between your favorite songs at any time (and without taking your hands off the steering wheel) .

Products from well-known manufacturers - Maclean, Delta, Import, Blow, Pansam, Kemot

In the second group you can put car gadgets that will be useful in unexpected situations. If the sheet is scratched, a crayon masking scratches on the car body will be useful, thanks to which none of the neighbors will see proof of our inattention at the wheel. A high visibility vest is already a must-have element of every car in many European Union countries (in the Czech Republic, you can get an equally high fine for it, as for no fire extinguisher or first aid kit). Useful car accessories may also be a car GPS locator (which can help us find the car when it is stolen), as well as crocodile connectors for cables, which we will use to activate a dead battery during the coldest weather. These are just some of the car accessories offered by our store - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.