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Do you suffer from chronic backache and have back problems? Does your neck go numb and you get frequent cramps? Sitting upright for a long time causes you a problem? The reasons for this can be different - stress, tension, an old skiing accident or overload during physical work. To get rid of the feeling of physical discomfort, as well as not lose a fortune for regular visits to the masseur, we offer you a cheaper and effective alternative: the purchase of an electric massage mat.

Massager - application

Electric heating mats and massage mats, commonly known as massagers, are flat, plugged chair covers, car seats, and "leisure" salon furniture. Just place the mat in the place where we are going to sit, connect it to the power supply, and then choose the program suitable for us. The mats have several massage points (neck, loins, upper back muscles etc.), and the intensity level can be adjusted. Heating mats, as the name implies, have heat release options. Special technology means that after a dozen or so minutes spent on an electric mat, blood circulation improves and tense muscles relax after a long day of work, and our body overwhelms with a blissful sense of relaxation.

Products from a known manufacturer - Medivon

Heating mats from the well-known manufacturer Medivon offer a wide range of useful functions. Massaging can be done by squeezing sore spots, rolling, heating, and that's not all the available options. Massaging takes place both on the entire surface of the mat and spot - depending on the selected program. The principle of operation of such a mat is simple - when connected to a power source, it drives special balls inside the mat, which revolve around them, and thus put the mat in the appropriate vibrations, which then the user feels. Of course, massage mats do not replace a visit to a physiotherapist, but they can improve everyday functioning and provide long-awaited relief for aching backs.