Mounts - Phone and GPS

There are conversations that cannot be postponed. Even when we drive a car, there are situations when we need to pick up the phone. Perhaps we are waiting for information from a pregnant wife who recently came to a delivery room, maybe the fate of our company is still in the balance or we are waiting for a response to a new job application. Sometimes, someone's life may depend on whether we answer the phone. It is worth ensuring safety so that you can answer the phone while driving in peace. The car phone holders help us with this so that we don't have to take our hands off the steering wheel.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Media-Tech, ExtremeStyle

There are several basic models of popular smartphone car holders. We distinguish them by the way they are mounted in the car, as well as the type of head on which the phone is mounted. Some handles can be glued to the windshield or dashboard using a rubber suction cup, others have a contoured end, thanks to which they can be attached to the cabin ventilation grille. Magnetic holders are available Media-Tech  (with a metal cover for the phone) and handles with adjustable "handles", in which the phone is connected. The phone holders have movable heads, so you can set the device in any position. We also offer a handle equipped with a USB charger Blow brands , which is connected to the power supply in the car lighter - it is the perfect solution for everyone who is going on a long journey.

Car smartphone holders

To be able to talk on the phone without stress in every situation and not worry about your own health, life or safety of other road users, it is worth investing in the purchase of a car phone holder. It is an easy-to-install device that will allow us to make lively conversations on the phone while driving and to use the GPS system without taking your hands off the steering wheel. At a time when hands-free kits are available to the public, and you can get a high ticket for holding the phone to your ear while driving, using a smartphone holder in the car is the best solution. Regardless of the model chosen, it is worth noting that these handles do not limit visibility, which makes them completely safe.