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In section car accessories you will find what can be useful to the owner of four wheels. From lighting to chargers to central locks. You will find here also gadgets that will make our time in the car pleasant, key rings with a flashlight, a camera, a Bluetooth adapter, a crayon masking scratches on the body, reflective vests, locators, crocodile clips and many other articles.

Make your life easier with useful gadgets

Vest is an obligatory element of every car's equipment in many European Union countries. Useful accessories for cars may be a car GPS locator, as well as crocodile connectors for cables, with which we will fire a non-working battery during the greatest frosts. Phone holders or GPS will take care of our safe journey, allowing you to locate the phone or navigation in such a place that the device does not restrict visibility, and the car charger will prevent our devices from discharging while driving. Sensors or a screen in the rearview camera mirror can make maneuvers in the city very much easier, where it is often very tight. Massage and heating mats will provide additional comfort while driving, are safe and give a lot of pleasure during longer journeys. And if you don't want to keep replacing your car lighting, install a convenient alternative - mounting accessories driving lights daytime LED.

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You can go crazy and buy from us sets of LED markers for BMW cars, which will change the color of the beam of light projected by the car headlight from yellow to white. I also offer an orange "cock" warning lamp, which can be attached to the car's body on a magnetic holder. This car lamp is powered by the on-board cigarette lighter. Its light is visible both in good weather and blinding sun, as well as in worse weather conditions, such as fog or heavy rain. In case of scratching the sheet metal, we will definitely need a crayon to mask scratches on the car body, car holders for a smartphone are probably the basic car gadget. We offer magnetic holders Media-Tech and handles with adjustable "handles" into which the phone is attached. We also offer a holder equipped with a USB charger that can be connected to the car cigarette lighter. The next article worth recommending is the car's central locking system. These products are universal and easy to install, and thanks to the cooperation with alarms, they are perfect for any car. What do you gain by installing such central locking ? For example, the opening and closing of the doors and the tailgate of the vehicle is done only by pressing the remote control. The central locks with a motor available in the Wasserman offer have LED indication, the function of closing the windows or the code learning mode. As the products are compatible with various security systems (e.g. pneumatic, electric or hydraulic), they can be successfully installed in any car and connected to existing installations. Such a castle is also the end of problems with frozen castles in winter.