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In our department of recorders and DVDs there are car cameras as well as portable monitors and TV sets. One will help us in the event of a dispute and collision, and the other will diversify the way passengers. All devices in this department come from reputable manufacturers and have guarantees. We invite you to familiarize with the offer and shopping.

 Route recorders from well-known manufacturers - Ferguson . Vordon . Media-tech

 Recording of the route covered with video-recorder  Driving is a very simple way to protect yourself while traveling. In the event of a bump or any road collision, we will have evidence of how the incident happened. Car recorders available in the Wasserman offer guarantee high quality of recordings, they are products of well-known brands specializing in electronics. For example, Vordon provides to the market, among others, video recorders driving in rearview mirrors with the function of automatic release of memory. In turn, Media-Tech offers cameras with a wide-angle lens, which limit the driver's field of view. Such equipment will always be useful, not only for recording events on the road, but also to preserve the picturesque routes of our travels for the future. In our store you will surely find a video recorder that will meet your expectations.

 Multimedia sets from well-known manufacturers - Blow , Vordon

 A device that combines the functions of a radio, car TV, music player and allows you to show photos in this section. Blow has just such a set on offer, which thanks to SD and USB inputs can play movies and music from external devices. An additional AUX input will allow the image from the reversing camera to be sent to the screen. Televisions  for the car have a convenient installation and remote control included. these monitorki  we can conveniently connect to the cigarette lighter socket. Portable car DVD players can be mounted in the head restraints. Some advanced models can replace the game console. TV and DVD players guarantee a peaceful journey with your child. We avoid whining about the troublesome "far away?" Question. In addition, such a TV set, despite its small dimensions, has quite a lot of possibilities. First of all, an extremely useful recording function. We don't always have time to sit in front of the screen and watch our favorite program being broadcast. For example, a 12 ″ Mistral MI-TV1160HD portable TV has this function and a few others, and the highest quality Full HD matrix will ensure excellent sharpness and clarity.