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There is no professional driver who would not assist in car GPS navigation. That's not all - most of us also use it, even on routes covered every day. Good GPS navigation with a map will not only show us the right route, but also warn about traffic jams, determine traffic congestion or inform about difficulties. This is a guarantee of a quick and comfortable journey, without problems with searching for a way. And to think that only a few years ago we were doomed to a bloated thomas road atlases! In the Wasserman store you can buy modern car and motorcycle GPS navigators.

Motorcycle GPS navigation

GPS navigation for motorcyclists is slightly different from car models. First of all, it is completely resistant to harsh weather conditions, and thus also watertight. It has a cover that protects the screen from water - so that it remains legible at all times. Navigation also has two types of grips, one of which is designed for motorcycles. It enables fast and stable mounting of the device on the steering wheel. The equipment is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, thanks to which it is possible to use the headset. The navigation also has accurate maps of the entire European Union, which will be lifelong updated for free. You can also use the lane assistant and the built-in speed camera alert function.

Car navigations from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Media-Tech, Vordon, Peiying

Wasserman supplies car navigations from reputable manufacturers. This is a guarantee of reliable high-quality devices. They are available at attractive prices. GPS Blow navigation features a clear interface and a clear display. They have a USB socket, Bluetooth module or FM transmitter. Vordon GPS navigations are dedicated, for example, to trucks. They have, among others, software extended to check the permissible axle load or to control the height of the vehicle. It is also worth looking at GPS Media-Tech navigations, which represent an attractive value for money.