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In section navigation  Wasserman store you will find not only navigations, but also accessories for them and anti-radars. We offer GPS navigation at competitive prices of recognized brands Vordon , Manta, Blow . We offer maps of the well-known and respected Automapa company, constantly updated, allow you to easily reach your destination.
 Radar Detectors Noxo
Car Radar Detectors  are devices used to detect radars on the road and disturb their work. Basic devices will warn us against popular radars on tripods, and those more advanced against the latest laser and pulse pistols. We just have to remember that using them in Poland is not legally allowed, but you can buy them without fear. Thanks to the use of radar detectors, the driver can avoid sudden braking before the measurement, which translates into increased driving safety. Car radar detectors from a well-known manufacturer - Noxo are distinguished by their high sensitivity and the ability to detect even the most difficult to detect speed cameras. In our offer you will also find numerous GPS navigation add-ons . Among other things, navigation chargers, two types of case to choose: a rigid plastic case closed with a zipper or an elegant case of black ecological leather closed with a magnetic latch. Both types are lined with soft material, so that the delicate GPS screen will not be scratched. In addition, we also offer universal car holders. Depending on the model, we can mount them on the dashboard or on the windshield of the car using a suction cup.

 Products of a well-known manufacturer - Blow, Media-Tech . Vordon . Peiying
 Among the accessories for GPS navigation you will also find a canopy, thanks to which the navigation screen will not reflect sunlight, which goes hand in hand with greater screen readability. Add-ons for GPS navigation are products of the well-known manufacturer Blow, which guarantees the highest quality of its services. But what do we have after the additions if we do not have great quality navigation in our car? This is a guarantee of a quick and comfortable journey, without problems with searching for a way. In the Wasserman store you can buy modern cars and motorbikes GPS navigations . Wasserman supplies car navigations from reputable manufacturers. It is certainty and guarantee of reliability of these devices. GPS navigations sold with us are characterized by a clear interface and a clear display. They have a USB socket, Bluetooth module or FM transmitter. Navigations are suitable for both personal and truck cars. For example, Vordon GPS navigation is dedicated to trucks. It is also worth taking interest in Media-Tech GPS navigations, which represent an attractive value for money. However, GPS navigation for motorcyclists is slightly different from that of a car. First of all, it is completely resistant to harsh weather conditions, and therefore waterproof, has a cover that protects the screen from water and also has two types of handles, one of which is designed for motorcycles. It enables fast and stable mounting of the device on the steering wheel.