car radios

Long-distance travel by car can last forever. Radio is the most-used entertainment in the car. For obvious reasons, the driver cannot afford to read a book or screening while driving. The car stereo will fill his time with music and news. That is why choosing the right radio is such an important decision. The best models will not only allow you to listen to FM stations, but also your favorite songs in MP3 format. Devices equipped with Bluetooth will not even require any cables to connect to them, for example a smartphone.

Car stereo

USB car radio is a multifunctional device that allows you to listen to music from various sources. First of all, it receives FM waves, but also allows you to connect an MP3 player or smartphone. The Bluetooth car radio also offers the function of wireless pairing with mobile devices. Some models even have a built-in microphone that allows you to talk through the hands-free system while driving. Some car players allow you to choose the color of the display, are equipped with memory card ports and many other useful functions. At the Wasserman store, all MP3 car radios are available at attractive prices.

Car radios from well-known manufacturers - Dalco, Vordon, Audiocore, Blow, Hanssen, Voice Kraft

In the Wasserman store you can buy headunits from well-known and respected manufacturers. The Voice Kraft car radio has, for example, a backlit panel in seven colors, as well as a remote control for operating the device. Similar solutions were used, among others, in Audiocore equipment. In turn, Blow car radio is fantastic value for money. It is a durable device characterized by long life and resistance to dust and shock. The Wasserman store assortment includes not only headunits, but also Blow car antennas, guaranteeing very good radio signal reception.