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Radios and sound system contain most of the things needed for the car to enjoy music while driving. And the range is large, because there are speakers and amplifiers, and transmitters and all kinds of cables and plugs, and of course the radios themselves.

car radios known producers - Vordon . Audiocore . Blow . Voice Kraft
In the Wasserman store you can buy headunits from these well-known and respected manufacturers. Voice Kraft offers a radio with a panel illuminated in up to seven colors! On the other hand, the Blow car radio is fantastic value for money. Radios sold in our store are characterized by long life and resistance to dust and shocks. You will find not only head units, but also car antennas guaranteeing very good radio signal reception. USB car radios are multi-functional devices that allow you to listen to music from various sources. Bluetooth car radios offer the function of wireless pairing with mobile devices. Some of our models have a built-in microphone and this gives us a quite specific speakerphone. For the radio you will need speaker sets, and the ones we offer are made of high quality materials, such as, for example, polypropylene or butyl rubber. They are resistant to harsh conditions, such as moisture or dust. You can connect accessories such as a subwoofer or audio amplifier to the speaker sets. You will find car speakers from well-known manufacturers - Cabletech . Peiying , Voice Kraft. They are distinguished by excellent quality. Car speakers sold in our store are in sets with all the elements necessary for their assembly. The Wasserman store also includes speaker cables that allow you to run audio installations. However, the amplifiers from our offer are car amplifiers well-known manufacturer - Voice Kraft, guarantee high-quality sound. Thanks to their excellent properties, they are suitable for use even in difficult conditions - they are resistant to moisture or dust, so they will not hurt installation in two-wheelers. This widely known brand specializes in audio technologies and provides the market with high quality products commonly used in vehicles.

Transmitters and speakerphone sets from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Peiying,
It's a simple device that connects to an MP3 player and it broadcasts our music on FM waves. The higher the quality of the USB transmitter, the better the sound quality and less interference. The Wasserman store purchases FM transmitters from renowned manufacturers such as Blow and Peiying. It guarantees reliability and durability. The Bluetooth MP3 transmitter can also be used as a loudspeaker and some of the models include an additional remote control placed on the steering wheel, so you can answer and end calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. In addition to transmitters, radios and other playing accessories, car radar radars are hidden on the shelves of the Wasserman store. These devices are used to detect radars on the road and interfere with their work. Using them in Poland is not allowed, but you can buy them without fear. Thanks to the use of radar cameras, we can avoid sudden braking before measurement, which translates into increased driving safety. Car Radar Detectors well-known manufacturer - Noxo are distinguished by high sensitivity and the ability to detect even the most difficult to detect speed cameras. In addition to radar cameras, there are also numerous accessories for GPS navigation on the shelves. Among other things, navigation chargers, navigation cases, In addition, we also offer universal car holders. It's all from well-known producers - Blow, Media-Tech, Vordon, Peiying. Add-ons alone are not everything, as we will not have great navigation quality. Sold with us GPS navigations they have a transparent interface and a clear display, they have a USB socket, a Bluetooth module or an FM transmitter. You can buy navigation for both personal and truck cars.