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At the Wasserman store, you can buy accessories that greatly simplify the use of radios and CB radios. The assortment includes, among others, microphone headphones and pears for CB radio. You can use them in many different situations, replacing traditional microphones. They are useful because of their handy nature, ergonomic shape and offered comfort. Headsets are also made of high quality materials, thanks to which they are distinguished by failure and durability.

Pear for CB radio

The CB radio pear is simply a replacement for a traditional microphone. Many drivers use it because of the ergonomic shape of the "pear". It's easy to hold and operate, which sets it apart from other microphones. The universal plug ensures that this product is compatible with many devices commonly used on board cars.

Thanks to the CB radio pear, you can easily communicate with other drivers within a certain range. In this way, we will quickly find out what conditions prevail on the route, where to find the nearest gas station, or which roads are better to avoid. CB radio pears available in the assortment fit, among others, Baofeng, Wouxung, Puxing or Intek devices. The dual plug provides compatibility. The above brands stand out from the competition due to the attractive quality / price ratio.

Microphone headphones from well-known manufacturers - Baofeng, Intek

Headsets available in the Wasserman offer are products of valued brands - Baofeng  and Intek . Both deliver good quality products at reasonable prices to the market. The products are characterized by durability and long life. The headphones are made of solid materials, which provides them with resistance to mechanical damage such as chafing or bending the cables. In addition, they have universal mini Jack plugs, allowing them to be used in any device - radios, smartphones or computers.