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To paraphrase a popular proverb: a radio without an antenna is like a soldier without a gun. In short, the car radio will not pick up if the antenna is damaged. Theoretically, it is not easy to damage a car antenna - these are rather flexible, thin steel rods, firmly attached to the roof of our car. What if we forget to remove the antenna before entering the automatic car wash? The GSM antenna mast will likely be broken. Fortunately, car radio antennas can be purchased at an affordable price and are easy to install.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Nagoya, Sirio, Import

In our store, we offer high-quality radio antennas from the following manufacturers:

  • Nagoya (two-band telescopic antenna),
  • Sirio (rod antenna with a very wide tuning range),
  • Import (supports the VHF band and UHF frequencies in the 145-435MHz range).

In the latest car models there are radio antennas popularly known as "shark fin" - the mast of such a radio antenna, its most delicate element, is completely hidden under the protective housing (its shape resembles the aforementioned dorsal fin of a predator). In addition, these types of antennas have additional advantages: telephone, navigation, digital satellite radio, as well as the Car2Car service (allowing in the near future to transmit information about road difficulties between cars of different brands).

Radio antennas for the car

Radio antennas can be mounted on the front of the roof, the back of the roof or its center, there are also less popular models: to be mounted on the windshield, door or the trunk lid of our car. Some can be freely adjusted (by changing the angle of inclination), others are stationary. To properly install the radio antenna in the vehicle, it must be adjusted to the mounting hole most often located on the car roof. You can also use the antenna brackets that are in our offer - thanks to them we can adjust the antenna to a mismatched mounting socket. Correctly mounted radio antenna mast will allow us to receive the perfect signal of all radio frequencies.