Batteries and chargers

Radios are undoubtedly useful and highly functional devices. Security services, rescuers and the army use them for a reason. They are perfect wherever ordinary cell phones turn out to be unreliable. However, they are not without flaws. One of them is the limited battery capacity. Devices of this type may discharge, and then reliable equipment will become completely useless. How to prevent it? Batteries for radiotelephones come to the rescue.

Accessories for radiotelephones

Batteries for radiotelephones are dedicated to specific models, thanks to which they fit them perfectly and correspond to their parameters. This solution guarantees high efficiency of devices and their failure-free operation. Spare batteries are always useful when the batteries in the radios run out. It is worth stocking up on them so that you will never find yourself in a situation where the walkie-talkie will be unusable. In order to be able to rely on it, it must be discharged.

The Wasserman store also offers a battery eliminator. It is useful in situations where we want to reduce the battery consumption in the radio. The device is connected in place of the original battery, and its cable plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. The assortment also includes classic car chargers for Baofeng radios.

Batteries for Baofeng radios

The Wasserman store offers the highest quality batteries for Baofeng radios. They differ from each other, inter alia, in capacity. The more milliampere hours, the longer the battery will last. Thanks to such stocks, the radio will not disappoint our expectations. Even under the most difficult conditions, we will be able to communicate with others. This is extremely important, for example, when we want to call for help and our mobile phones are out of range. Batteries for Baofeng radios are characterized by long life and excellent performance.