Accessories and extras

No two-way radio can work properly unless it has been programmed properly and does not have an antenna, battery and other accessories. Everything you need to operate your radios is in this section. The assortment includes, among others, microphone headsets, batteries and pears for CB radio.

Programming cables - Intek . Baofeng
Various types are available in the Wasserman offer cable for programming. The assortment includes USB cables for various models, cables and socket adapters. On one hand, the cables are terminated with universal USB plugs, and on the other, the plugs are intended for particular series of radios. The adapters, in turn, allow you to switch from the SMA socket to the UHF socket, commonly used for example in CB radios. USB cables for programming radios from brands such as Baofeng, Intek or Wouxun give us confidence that they will be fully compatible with the devices. And this translates into fast data transmission and a stable connection. The products of these brands are characterized by high quality and have durable and flexible braids. Thanks to the proper configuration of the device they will not let us down when we need them most. What is it for? pear for CB radio? Such a pear is simply a replacement for a traditional microphone. The ergonomic shape of the "pear" makes it easy to hold and handle. The universal plug guarantees the compatibility of this product with many commonly used devices. CB radio pears available in our assortment fit, among others, Baofeng, Wouxung or Intek devices.

Microphone headphones from well-known manufacturers - Baofeng, Intek
Headsets available in the Wasserman offer are products of valued brands - Baofeng and Intek. Their headphones are characterized by durability and long life. Headphones are made of solid materials, which ensures their resistance to mechanical damage, in addition they have universal mini Jack plugs, allowing them to be used in any device. Two-way radios are great wherever ordinary cell phones prove to be unreliable. Unfortunately, they have a disadvantage, limited battery capacity. Batteries for two-way radios come with the help, they are dedicated to specific models, thanks to which they perfectly match them and match their parameters. The Wasserman store also has a battery eliminator. You don't know what a miracle this is? It connects in place of the original battery, and its cable plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

High-quality radio antennas of the following manufacturers: Nagoya . Sirio
Radio antennas we can mount on the front of the roof, the back of the roof or its center, less popular models are mounted on the windshield, doors or the tailgate. Some models can be freely adjusted while others are completely stationary. The latest car models have antennas commonly known as "shark fin". In this model, the mast is completely hidden under the protective housing. These types of antennas have additional advantages: telephone, navigation, digital satellite radio, as well as the Car2Car service. A properly mounted radio antenna mast will allow us to receive a perfect signal of all radio frequencies.