Scanners and pagers

A broadband scanner is a relatively simple device that allows you to listen to analog and digital transmissions on different bands or from stored frequencies. Its functioning resembles the radio receivers used by uniformed services, but it is limited only to receiving the signal, it does not allow to transmit it. This equipment is used mainly by amateurs of radiocommunication. It allows them to eavesdrop on conversations held in aircraft cockpits, in cars or in public places.

Radio frequency scanner and its functions

The broadband receivers available in the Wasserman store are made of resistant materials and have a long service life. They allow very easy access to all programmed frequencies. Radio scanners look for both short and medium and long waves. This makes them easy to use even for novice users. The scanning process control functions are an additional facilitation, for example starting and stopping the search, skipping to the next active channel, saving favorite frequencies or deleting them.

Scanners and pagers from well-known manufacturers - CRT, Uniden

Two brands dominate the market of radio frequency scanners. Both of them provide high-quality equipment that can be found in the Wasserman store. These are quite simple devices at affordable prices, but they are characterized by a fully professional operation. When choosing a scanner or pager in an online store, we should pay attention to several factors that determine its quality. First of all, you need to look at what range the receivers support and how they are powered. They can be portable or stationary. Some will only catch analog signals, but the most modern ones will also allow scanning of digital signals.

Check out the offer of the Wasserman store, where you can find high-quality, yet easy-to-use broadband scanners.