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Let's imagine that we are going on a perfectly promising vacation. We are planning a trip abroad, where we will be hiking in the mountains for days and kayaking down the rivers. Holidays are planned for a large group of friends, so great fun is getting ready. Its condition is, of course, proper preparation. What should it consist of? Among the many aspects that need to be taken care of is communication. One of the equipment necessary for such holidays are PMR walkie-talkies. Why exactly them?

Long range walkie-talkies

Professional walkie-talkies have a long range, thanks to which they will prove themselves even in places where cell phones fail us. What's more, their undoubted advantage is free use. Just take care of charged batteries, and you don't have to pay anything more. This is very important overseas, where the use of mobile phones can still result in high bills. Another advantage of walkie-talkies is that many people in different places can easily communicate with them. You just need to set all devices to the same channel. The PMR radio is therefore a perfect solution wherever difficult conditions do not allow for any other type of communication.

Walkie-talkies from famous manufacturers - Baofeng, Intek, Vordon

The Wasserman store supplies walkie-talkies from well-known and respected manufacturers. Professional walkie-talkies from brands such as Boafeng, Intek or Vordon are characterized by reliability and durability. Moreover, they are equipped with a number of useful functions that turn out to be indispensable in difficult conditions. Some models have built-in flashlights or the ability to charge batteries. The Wasserman store offers high-quality walkie-talkies in many copies, so that every mountain trip participant can get their own device. Having a PMR radio facilitates communication and is useful in demanding conditions, when even smartphones fail.