Ubiquiti device

Ubiquiti Networks is an American manufacturer of network equipment. The company pays special attention to wireless networks. Its assortment includes routers, anti-interference shields, antennas and ports. Importantly, Ubiquiti devices are characterized by an attractive price-quality ratio. In the Wasserman online store you can get a full set of Ubiquiti accessories. In this way, it is easy to create a reliable home network to which we connect all devices with Internet access.

Ubiquiti accessories

Ubiquiti instruments available in the Wasserman store are characterized by high quality and the use of innovative solutions. They include a full range of devices necessary to create a wireless Internet network. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter is a professional device for routing, securing and managing functions that determine the efficient operation of the network. Access Point Ubiquiti is, in turn, a complete solution intended for outdoor applications. It is used to create reliable, fast and stable wireless connections. Ubiquiti mFi are remotely controlled electrical ports. We can wirelessly turn on and off the flow of electricity to devices connected to them. The Wasserman store's assortment also includes antennas such as Ubiquiti PowerBeam or LiteBeam.

Devices of a famous manufacturer - Ubiquiti

Among the Ubiquiti devices, the Wasserman store offers products necessary for the Ubiquiti AirMax system. These products are characterized by high functionality, because they use the latest technological solutions. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a stable and fast wireless network. The assortment also includes Ubiquiti Nanostation devices. They enable the construction of remote wireless bridges. As they are installed outside, they are resistant to difficult weather conditions. As a result, once installed, they do not require any more treatments. The Ubiquiti system is an innovative and convenient solution that makes it easy to create a multifunctional and stable wireless network.