Photography and Video

In section photography and video you will find everything related to video recording, camcorders, cameras and what is needed for all this. All kinds of accessories such as cables, backpacks, memory cards , selfie sticks etc. you will find on the shelves of our store. Together with us you will take care of the proper operation and protection of your equipment.

For work and play, travel and photography thanks to companies -Natec . Forever . Media-Tech . Blow . Ferguson . Vordon

Among electronic recording equipment and filming you will also find a digital microscope useful in all sorts of tasks. You can connect it to your computer and view various objects at a high magnification. It will be useful in all precise works. We can also make movies with it. All thanks to the software included on the CD. Mirrors with a driving recorder this is another indispensable thing, often it can become a witness of a road offense or accident. Devices of this type, available in the Wasserman store assortment, are equipped with a reversing camera and a car charger. In our offer you will also find HD sports cameras . You can use them to register your bicycle trips, mountain climbing or skiing shows. Camcorders are characterized by high resistance, so you can use them even in the most difficult environmental conditions. And thanks to endoscopic cameras on long cables you can look inside the pipes and other hard-to-reach places. In addition to car cameras, endoscopic cameras and sports cameras you can buy with us gaining more and more popularity electronic door viewfinders. After pressing the button you can clearly see on the display who is calling the door. Easy to assemble, usually matching all traditional judasas mounted on our doors.

Photographic accessories - backpacks, adapters, memory cards, cases, tripods and lenses

All accessories available in our offer come from well-known and respected manufacturers. The Wasserman offer includes ergonomic cases that will be useful especially during hiking trips. All kinds of cases mean increased security for your equipment. Monopods, known as selfie sticks, will allow you to capture your own image anywhere, and we can achieve interesting results thanks to smartphone lens caps. Memory cards with different capacities will protect all your photos and avoid the stress of lack of memory and a lot of places to photograph. Thanks to the tripods available with us, photos and videos will be recorded without jams and we will avoid the impression of shaking on the film.