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Network accessories

The online store specializes primarily in the product range professional WiFi networks , equipment satellite TV and DVB-T and monitoring systems . Inside assortment dedicated to WiFi and LAN networks we can find a number professional modems and routers . We sell retail and wholesale routers of known brands like Edimax . Mikrotik . Netis . Pentagram . TP Link . Actina and Ubiquity . We recommend above all ADSL routers . WiFi routers and Routerboardy . They extend the offer additionally LTE GSM modems and equipment Access Point .

Accessories for expanding the network

Very popular forms of devices, used especially in large facilities are signal amplifiers Repeaters and Network transmitters that will allow us to use high-speed Internet not only inside the building, but also to send a signal outside. People who want to enjoy reliable Internet even with weak signal strength can take advantage of our wide range WiFi adapters and network adapters , which, thanks to its parameters, offers high sensitivity and reception of even distant signals with the right speed and stability. Special products are so-called Wifi Raptors mobile receivers that are produced directly by our company. Raptors ensure WiFi reception even from very distant places. Among Wifi antennas we have a complex range including from Slotted antennas . Omni-directional antennas . Yagi antennas . LTE / GSM antennas and equipment Antenna Box . Accessories such as: LAN cables and wires . Sockets and connectors . Connector plugs and connectors . Mounting brackets and screws and interference shields .