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You like to sing? Now you can do it almost professionally! With the audio mixer you'll find in the Wasserman store, your karaoke parties will go down in history. It's not everything! The right equipment will make you feel like a DJ at the best party. Thanks to the right devices, music mixing will be smooth and without any interruptions. The sound mixer is the most important element of DJ equipment. Get a high-quality device and get your party started!

Karaoke mixers

The music mixers available in the Wasserman offer have been designed by sound companies. This equipment is used by stage producers, stage performers and sound engineers. These multifunctional devices will allow you to mix your favorite songs, eliminate unwanted noise and improve the quality of recordings. Imagine meeting your friends where you stand in musical lists. The effects of your struggles can be subjected to sound processing and create from them unforgettable songs tailored to the iconic hits. Mixers are a guarantee of first-class entertainment and successful fun.

Music mixers from well-known producers - Azusa, Blow

Music mixers, which can be found in the Wasserman assortment, are professional equipment of well-known producers. Devices Azusa  and Blow  are characterized by the use of high-quality components that translate into excellent performance. The offer includes, among others, four-channel models. Their advantage over two channels lies in better sound quality. They are equipped with USB input, jack plug and echo function. They offer three-band color correction, panorama definition and FX effect on each channel. Up to two XLR microphones and two jacks can be connected to them. In turn, the volume level of the connected headphones can be adjusted completely independent of the external speakers. All elements are enclosed in a metal housing that provides durability and trouble-free microphone mixers.