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Computer hardware and accessories

Nowadays, computers are literally everywhere - they can be found not only at home or at work, but also in public spaces. And it is not surprising, because the progressive development of technology makes it possible to facilitate many activities thanks to the use of computers. Today, they are used not only for work, but also for play, learning or access to information and communication with the world. In the past, desktop computers were the standard, and today we are increasingly using their portable versions, i.e. laptops or netbooks.

Tablets, routers and modems

For some time, devices that can be classified between smartphones and traditional computers, i.e. tablets, have also been gaining popularity. Today, they are portable, fully functional devices that can replace full-size equipment in many situations. The tablet is standard adapted to WiFi wireless communication, and some models can also work with SIM cards and provide Internet access regardless of the place. If the device has a built-in GPS receiver, it can be an excellent replacement for car navigation. A computer or tablet can also be an alternative to the TV, you only need to use the mini DVB-T decoders in the form of USB sticks. But what would a traditional laptop be without internet access? To make it easier for you to access the network, we recommend that you buy modern ones routers and modems that allow you to build a stable network and make using the Internet a pure pleasure: both at home and at work.

Computer accessories in our online store!

The Wasserman online store also offers you all kinds of equipment necessary to build the system monitoring , i.e. IP cameras, recorders and alarms. In addition, we offer for sale computer accessories : cables, adapters, IP cameras, recorders, signal amplifiers, network cards or pointing devices, such as keyboard and mouse. You can also buy hard drives and external storage media, which will allow you to increase the available amount of data on virtually any device. The Wasserman store offers equipment from well-known manufacturers, among others Media-Tech . TP-Link . Ubiquity . Edimax Overmax Ferguson . Blow whether Kruger & amp; Matz . Akygo power adapters are also available for sale, compatible with notebooks from manufacturers such as Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony or Toshiba.