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Good sound system cannot be overestimated. It doesn't matter if you like to hear music alone or want to have a party - a good audio tower is always worth having. In the Wasserman store you will find professional equipment that will provide you with excellent sound quality. The offer consists of modern devices, in terms of performance far exceeding standard Hi-Fi towers. They guarantee clean, high-quality sound and simple and convenient operation. You can connect them to any device, but also use it to play music from memory cards or USB sticks.

Musical columns

The loudspeakers available in the Wasserman store are independent devices that you can use in any way. They will serve as sound transducers for both a computer or TV, but also for a smartphone or an external data carrier. Just plug them in and connect them to the right source - be it with a cable or Bluetooth technology. Speakers also appear in the form of audio combines, even equipped with microphones. Their great advantage is wireless operation. So you can take them with you everywhere. It's a great way to start a party outdoors.

Audio towers and columns from well-known producers - Media-Tech, Vordon

The music columns that can be found in the Wasserman range are products of well-known brands specializing in electronics. Renowned manufacturers guarantee the performance of the equipment and its maximum functionality. Audio columns Media-Tech  provide surround sound and clear, deep bass. They have a built-in radio, subwoofer or MP3 player, and you can operate them not only with the remote control, but also with the application dedicated to smartphones. Music towers often take the form of portable models Vordon that will help you relax the atmosphere wherever you go. It is worth investing in this kind of equipment to play music from any source without any restrictions!