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HiFi Audio a section dedicated to music. You will find loudspeakers, both column and ceiling ones. There are mixers and microphones, amplifiers and headphones. In a word, you can play, sing and listen.

Mixers famous producers - Azusa . Blow . LTC . Voice Kraft

Music mixers, which can be found in the Wasserman range, are equipment from well-known manufacturers Azusa and Blow. They are characterized by high quality and attractive price. We offer, among other things, four-channel models equipped with a USB input, a jack plug and an echo function. They offer three-band tone control, pan definition and FX effect on each channel. These multifunctional devices allow you to mix your favorite tracks, eliminate unwanted noise and improve the quality of recordings. You will also find in our store wireless microphones , easy to use, with a high degree of sensitivity. They are characterized by a high frequency response, lightness and mobility. Dynamic microphones are perfect for conducting various types of events, concerts and public appearances. The Wasserman store also offers its customers great quality wireless headphones, you can find here wireless headphones bluetooth from different manufacturers - Media-Tech , Blow, Kruger & amp; Matz.

Audio towers and columns well-known producers - Media-Tech, Vordon

The loudspeakers available in the Wasserman store are standalone devices that can be used as sound transducers for a computer or TV, but also for a smartphone or an external data carrier. We also have speakers in the form of audio harvesters. Their greatest advantage? Wireless operation. You can take them with you everywhere. Musical columns, which can be found in the Wasserman assortment, are products of well-known brands, because it is reputable manufacturers that guarantee the performance of the equipment. The audio columns we sell provide spatial sound and clear, deep bass. They have a built-in radio, subwoofer, MP3 player, they are operated with a remote control, but we can control them using a dedicated smartphone application. Unfortunately, even the best player, or top-shelf speakers will not provide high-quality sound at high volume. Such a sound will only give you good Hi-Fi amplifier. Its quality is determined, among other things, by the number of supported channels. You can buy an eight-channel amplifier from us, but also one that supports one, two or four channels. The Wasserman offer includes Voice Kraft equipment representing an attractive price-quality ratio. These are sound amplifiers that may be small in size, but they enable easy and convenient installation.