Portable radios and speakers

Speakers portable use more and more wireless technology. We can choose from the following solutions - Bluetooth module, Wi-Fi module and AirPlay - a wireless connection dedicated to owners of Apple devices. We will also send music via cables and memory cards. What solution is worth choosing? The most universal will be Bluetooth, thanks to which we can use the speakers without a network connection. However, no matter what you choose, when shopping in our store, you will always be satisfied with your purchase.

Bluetooth devices from renowned manufacturers - Blow . Clatronic . Media-Tech . Vordon . Ferguson

All these loudspeakers we have to offer give you clear, clear sound at home or outdoors. They allow you to listen FM radio and music from a smartphone or other data carrier. The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth and a number of sockets (USB, SD, AUX, 2xMIC). In addition, for example, such a model BT 2500, thanks to two microphone sockets and additional volume control and microphone echo, allows you to organize karaoke performances .. The speakers can play continuously for 3 hours, and the range of many of them is up to 10 meters. Portable bluetooth speakers with micro SD memory card reader, USB and Aux inputs impress with sound and original design. In addition to bluetooth speakers, our offer also includes speakers that successfully replace traditional alarm clocks in our homes. They have a card reader and the ability to set a radio station as a wake-up call. Neatly made, retro-styled or, on the contrary, with a modern look, will fit perfectly into any interior.

Portable radios at the Wasserman store

I think each of us likes music, he accompanies us practically at every step. Even the hardest work becomes a bit lighter when we are accompanied by music. That is why producers of audio equipment are improving their radios so that they can be taken with them everywhere, even in these more difficult field conditions. An example of this is the Clatronic radio from our offer. The radio is made to measure, withstands various weather conditions and will withstand falls, dust, water and moisture. Equipped with a volume control, a flexible antenna and a convenient carrying handle, and thanks to the AUX-IN connector, we can attach external devices to it, e.g. phones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players, etc. materials of the highest quality and with a guarantee and service in our country.