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Bluetooth speakers

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Currently, no mass event can not do without adequate sound system. Therefore, if we organize a disco, concert, wedding or other such event, we should pay special attention to choosing the right speakers. What's more, wireless speakers are also great for decorating more intimate outdoor meetings with family or friends, thanks to their mobility. The Wasserman store offers the highest quality bluetooth speakers at affordable prices.

Wireless bluetooth speakers, portable with radio

In the Wasserman store you will find a wide selection of products and the latest technologies. Our bluetooth speakers are portable, in addition they are equipped with USB inputs and mciroSD memory card readers. The bluetooth range is up to 10 meters. It usually takes about 2-3 hours to charge the device's battery, and the standard playback time is estimated to be three hours, although some wireless bluetooth speakers can work up to five hours continuously. Portable bluetooth speakers can be operated using the buttons placed on them, although it is also possible to control the device using a smartphone or tablet. Lightness and portability are also considered a very important advantage of wireless speakers.

Portable radios

In the Wasserman store you can buy bluetooth speakers with radio from different manufacturers. The company's speakers are especially recommended  Ferguson , guaranteeing even distribution of sound to all sides. The company also offers excellent quality speakers Media-Tech . In turn, speakers from companies such as LTC  whether Vordon  for years they have been gaining recognition of a wide range of customers, which is equally contributed by the appropriate quality of sound emitted by the device, as well as its durability protecting against accidental damage or breakdown. Also loudspeakers manufactured by Kruger & amp; Matz  and Blow  they are perfect for use in both home and outdoor conditions, because they are waterproof and resistant to damage. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Wasserman store offer.