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Nowadays, to watch your favorite movie, TV series or program, you do not have to wait for their broadcast on free television. As a rule, we store various audiovisual files on USB sticks, CDs and other data carriers, to which we can return at any time. We do not necessarily need a computer for this, because in this area it can be successfully replaced by special set-top boxes and TV tuners. The Wasserman store offers the highest quality accessories for smart TVs at affordable prices.

Smart TV accessories

Wasserman store offers its customers a wide range of products and the latest technologies. Accessories for smart TVs support high resolutions, they are also equipped with card readers. SD cards as well as pay-TV cards. An important advantage of set-top boxes and TV tuners is also undoubtedly the possibility of free use of bluetooth, as well as interactive communication with the Internet, thanks to a special Ethernet modem. Smart TV accessories make it easy for you to watch the movie files you have collected on your own TV, as well as listen to music recorded on your tablet or smartphone. Also noteworthy is hardware decoding support. The hard disk mounts very easily for recording purposes.

The best TV accessories

Among the accessories for the television, the smart TV parts by the brand undoubtedly deserve special attention Ferguson . The decoder of this brand was equipped with Android 5,1,1 Lollipop system, With it you can successfully watch TV, and also order various goods in the Google Play store, the tuner can be controlled using the keyboard or computer mouse, The device allows you to watch programs in standards offered by both satellite TV and digital terrestrial television, Some accessories allow users to simultaneously watch the program on one channel and record content broadcast by other stations, Importantly, set-top boxes do not stap too much electricity, We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Wasserman store offer.