The Wasserman store offer is a wide selection of flashlights and LED lamps that guarantee excellent visibility in all conditions. The assortment includes both headlights for athletes and workshop lighting for workers. The devices are of excellent quality and can be used in various situations. The Wasserman store offers LED headlamps, channel lamps, workshop lamps and garage lamps. They are produced by well-known companies such as Maclean, Dedra and Media-Tech.

Flashlights - which one to choose?

Choosing the right flashlight will depend primarily on what purpose it is used for. The Wasserman store offers, among other things, LED headlamps that will please athletes above all. They will be useful while running, fishing or hiking in the mountains. They will also be used in other situations in which we must have both hands free - for example during renovation. The LED headlamp is hands-free and gives a strong light, making it extremely practical.

LED searchlight flashlight is another type of portable lighting. It is characterized by the use of the most powerful diode and an ergonomic shape. We will use it when we need very good light with a long range. It will be useful during all kinds of searches, camping or night walks.

The Wasserman product range also includes workshop lamps. Their characteristic feature is the possibility of hanging them from the ceiling. They also have a built-in magnet, thanks to which they can be attached to a metal surface. They are sometimes equipped with two light streams.

Flashlights and lamps from well-known manufacturers - Import, Maclean, Dedra, Forever, Xtreme, Bailong, Media-Tech

Flashlights and LED workshop lamps offered by the Wasserman store are manufactured by well-known and proven brands. Import, Maclean, Dedra, Forever, Xtreme, Bailong and Media-Tech products are characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio. Duct lamps and LED garage lamps allow you to carry out renovations and other types of work even in complete darkness. Due to their invaluable functionality, it is worth getting such accessories.