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Until recently, a TV could be found in the apartment of every Pole. Today, the situation has changed somewhat, because the younger generation is increasingly watching movies on portable devices or screens of laptops and computers. However, who appreciates the best quality of film experience, chooses a large TV screen and solid speakers. If you want to experience real cinematic emotions at home, you should take care of the space in which there will be a large screen and the surrounding sound system. A special TV mount can help in mounting the TV, even in hard-to-reach places.

Products from well-known manufacturers Art, Maclean, Red Eagle, Opticum, Signal, Cabletech and Team VeoVison

Gone are the days when a tube TV, reminiscent of a large wooden box, occupied half a room and needed a solid base that could hold it. With the advent of flat screens, TVs take up much less space than their old-fashioned counterparts and can easily be hung on the wall using a TV wall mount. Companies Opticum  and Article  they offer very solid handles that can be freely maneuvered vertically and horizontally to adjust the angle of inclination to personal preferences. In turn, if someone misses the old times, this one can get a TV holder with a company shelf Teamvision where you can present small items of emotional value or put up a DVD or Blu-Ray collection.

Brackets for televisions, monitors and projectors

TV hangers Red Eagle  are equipped with a boom that allows the distance between the screen and the wall to be adjusted. This TV mount is mounted on several screws, which ensures the stability of the entire structure. Most of the handles are equipped with small amenities that, for example, allow you to hide the cables that power the TV receiver underneath. Our offer is not limited to TV hangers. In addition to TV stands, we also offer desk mounts for two monitors (significantly improving multitasking work) and a ceiling mount for the projector - such a projector mounted in a sufficiently large room will allow you to enjoy the size of the entire wall. Before buying a selected model, it is worth making sure that it definitely fits our TV - parameters such as weight and screen diagonal can be significant.