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LED lamps are a modern way of thinking about lighting. On the one hand, they provide strong light, and on the other hand, they allow you to minimize electricity consumption and energy costs. In the Wasserman store, you can buy bright LED spotlights, as well as smaller lamps or LED strips, thanks to which you can illuminate the spaces in wardrobes or wardrobes. The assortment includes LED lights intended for various types of applications - both external and internal.

Lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED strips, floodlights and much more

The Wasserman store offer includes, among others, LED headlights. They are characterized by high brightness and reduced energy consumption. Therefore, they allow you to reduce electricity bills and, additionally, protect the environment. Lamps of this type are resistant to harsh weather conditions as they are intended for outdoor use. LED fluorescent lamps are also products that are equally popular. They emit white, neutral light that does not have a negative effect on well-being. They allow even lighting of the room and can be used in offices, corridors, garages or commercial facilities. LED bulbs are a guarantee of strong light and low energy costs.

LED lighting from well-known manufacturers - ART, Maxled, Media-Tech, Perel, Import, Smart, VK Light

LED lighting available in the Wasserman store are lamps and bulbs manufactured by well-known and respected brands. Reputable manufacturers guarantee high functionality and long life of the articles. The Maclean LED solar lamp, for example, is equipped with a built-in motion sensor, thanks to which it only lights up when it is needed - we do not have to remember to turn it on and off. It also has a solar panel that allows it to draw energy from sunlight. The assortment also includes ceiling ceilings, small lamps, LED strips and a whole lot of different light bulbs.