Projectors and disco balls

Are you dreaming of an 80s disco party? Bright jackets, terry elastic bands, upholstered hairstyles, confetti and lots of glitter? A huge silver ball that rotates under the ceiling and reflects colored lights? Speakers booming with the greatest hits from decades ago? Today you can organize such an event at home. All you need is a YouTube compilation "Nonstop 80s Greatest Hits", good speakers and a few devices that will complete the unique atmosphere. Multicolored light bulbs, strobes and laser projectors - all this you will find in our store.

Shop with laser projectors

One of the easiest ways to turn an ordinary room into a dance hall is to install a disco ball or a laser projector. A ball spinning under the ceiling, which shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, can impress your guests, but a laser projector is better suited for small rooms. Some of the projectors in our offer are additionally equipped with sound detectors, thanks to which the light thrown by them is synchronized with the music coming from the speakers. LED diodes of various colors (most often a mix of red, blue and green). A cheaper alternative is an LED bulb that changes color using a remote control, which shines in sixteen different RGB shades.

Products of well-known manufacturers - Procter, Import, Landgraf, Voice Kraft

Among the laser projectors and disco balls available in our offer, we distinguish several models. Some can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall, some are intended for home conditions, others can easily handle lighting a larger party in a fire station or restaurant. Laser projectors react to the sound and adjust the way of lighting (e.g. continuous light, pulsating light, etc.) to the rhythm of the music, which gives the event participants a truly mesmerizing audio-visual effect. For all lovers of outdoor events, we have a solar laser projector - brand device Procter which accumulates solar energy throughout the day, and at dusk it begins to emit the collected energy through a colored light projector. The equipment is resistant to low temperatures and is not afraid of rain or snow.