Do you know what a strobe can be used for? Contrary to appearances, it is a type of light that is quite versatile. It is not limited to discos, although it is actually quite common there. However, strobe lamps can also be found on the roads, in photography, and even in industry. In the Wasserman store you will find both entertainment and warning lamps. How do strobes work and what are they usually for?

Disco lighting

Most of us associate strobes primarily with stage lighting. These are lamps that are ubiquitous at various types of concerts, outdoor events, in clubs and discos. If you know what we are talking about, you certainly understand the advantages of strobe lights over classic headlights. Disco lighting achieves the effects of specific optical illusions. All because of the specific frequency of the light flashing. If it is synchronized with the movement of an object, it will seem stationary to the observer. Appropriate manipulation of the object and the frequency of light can also cause the illusion of slowing down the movement or its reversal.

High-quality products

In the Wasserman store you will find more than just disco strobes. The range also includes beacons that can be used as automotive beacons. Their light remains perfectly visible even in strong sunlight. For obvious reasons, they are waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage. Solid magnets ensure that they stick well to the body. You can use them in bad weather to improve visibility of your car, or in the event of an accident to alert other drivers and be easily visible to security services. It is worth noting here that strobes are also used by road workers - they appear, for example, next to signs informing about obstacles on the road. From a different barrel - these lamps are also used by photographers who use such light to achieve attractive artistic effects.