Voltaic panels

Renewable energy sources are nowadays a solution that is increasingly used in Poland and in the world. As electricity and fuel prices continue to rise and their resources dwindle, it is no wonder that humanity is looking for alternative ways to provide them with a prosperous life, with access to all the amenities they have become accustomed to over the years. Thanks to photovoltaic panels, we will get electricity to our home thanks to the sun's rays. It is an economical and efficient solution.

Solar panels and batteries

Solar panels use the sun's rays as a renewable energy source and turn solar energy into electricity. Panels made of polycrystalline silicon are placed on the roof of a building, where they are constantly exposed to sunlight. The photon (unit of light) is absorbed by the silicon and the photon is forced to "move", which movement generates an electric current. To convert the produced direct current into alternating current, we need to install an inverter - this action eliminates carbon dioxide emissions, so it is a good solution for everyone who cares not only about lower electricity bills, but also for the good of the environment. It should be remembered that voltaic panels are an investment, the effects of which we will see only over time.

Products from a well-known manufacturer - Import

In addition to solar panels, our store also offers parallel and series connectors for solar batteries. Products from a well-known manufacturer Import is a guarantee of high-quality workmanship and long-term operation. Both types of connectors allow for quick and safe connection of panels in a parallel or serial configuration (which increases the efficiency of the entire installation), and they are also highly resistant to mechanical damage, temperature and external conditions such as rain or snow. It should be remembered that modules with different voltages cannot be connected in parallel, and modules with a different amperage in series, in case of breaking this principle, there is a risk of destroying the entire installation.