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Lamps operating without cables, batteries and connection to a power source? Is this wishful thinking, futuristic dreams or maybe just boring everyday life? Although at first the self-acting lamps (without visible power source) seem to be a concept drawn straight from science-fiction cinema, they are already widely available in our everyday lives. Although we may not be aware of this, solar lighting is gaining more and more popularity in Poland.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - Procter

In our offer you will find several types of solar lamps that are adapted to the weather conditions outside the home. Solar lighting is usually installed in the driveway in front of the house, in front of the garage or in the garden gazebo. The first model available in our store, shines with strong and bright light thanks to as many as forty solar diodes. Thanks to the twilight sensor installed inside the lamp Procter  turns on automatically when it starts to dim, and additional equipment with a motion sensor will cause the equipment to start when it detects activity within the detector's operating range. We also offer an illuminated house number so that no one will have a problem finding us - even in the dark.

Solar lighting - application

Solar lamps are perfect for the garden, they are economical and environmentally friendly. Files on the files can be stuck into the ground along the road to illuminate the path after dark. Thanks to solar panels, these lamps are self-sufficient - they charge during the day and shine bright after dark, and we do not have to worry about them at all. Hanging models can be hung, for example, above the garage door, which will certainly help us enter the parking space without fear that we will hurt something in the dark. Everyone who likes parties until late in the open air will definitely appreciate solar lighting - lamps will allow you to extend your fun without having to look for a power supply. If we are avid florists and want to emphasize the effect of our work also at night, then solar lamps will do it without exposing us to additional costs associated with power consumption.