Strong, bright light can be useful for us at work and while relaxing, both inside and outside the house. Regardless of what we want to do, the rapidly falling dusk in winter can thwart our plans. To be able to play scrabble or volleyball in the backyard garden, even in the middle of the night, we need strong light, which will be provided by LED spotlights. This equipment in various variants (LED spotlights, ceiling spotlights) can be found in our store - see the full offer.

LED headlights - application

The LED headlights shine with a strong, bright light with a long range and a white color. This makes them ideal for installation in a workshop, on a garage wall or to illuminate the entrance to the house. The headlamps with a motion sensor are perfect for the driveway, when at night we want to drive into the garage or find the entrance to the house - the photocell will detect movement and the LED headlight will turn on by itself, which will save us the trouble of getting out of the car and looking for the light switch. Ceiling spotlights available in our store are equipped with a long power cord, so they can be installed even in a relatively hard-to-reach place. They are a very economical solution - they are characterized by low energy consumption and low heat emission.

Products from a well-known manufacturer - Art

Headlights from a well-known manufacturer Article they have different power, depending on the model, we can choose between 10W, 20W, 30W or 50W. The products are covered by a 24-month warranty and will last up to 15,000 cycles from switching on to switching off, which gives approximately 30,000 hours of uninterrupted operation. The waterproof casing allows you to install the lamps outdoors, without fear that rain or snow will damage your valuable device. The reflectors are solidly constructed and therefore resistant to mechanical damage. LED bulbs glow with full power from the moment they are turned on, and most of the electricity they consume is transformed into light, not heat, which, combined with the fact that these headlights do not emit harmful substances during operation, affect their friendly cooperation with environment.