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Accessories for bulbs include garlands (strings of cables with numerous places for screwing in bulbs, which are used to decorate houses or trees), fittings and adapters that allow the use of special bulbs without having to adapt their sockets. Proper lighting in the apartment and workplace often affects our well-being. Warm and cold colors of the light falling on us can determine our good or bad mood. With the accessories for light bulbs, we can decide how we will feel.

Light bulb accessories

Adapter GU10 to E14, which allows you to install a halogen bulb or LED bulb (which is characterized by a reflector plug mounted on the latch) in a traditional socket for a small screw-in thread. This type, called the "Edison thread", is the most commonly used type of thread in households, while snap-in plugs are a rarely used solution. Thanks to our adapter you will be able to use halogen and LED spotlights in places adapted to the use of traditional bulbs with screw thread. This type of adapter is a useful gadget, thanks to which buying a bad light bulb will not end in throwing it to the bin, on the contrary - using it as intended and contented with your wits.

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Lamp holders for halogen and LED bulbs available in our store are made not of plastic (popular especially for this product group), but of durable and more stylish ceramic material. They can be used both in lamps with a lampshade and in lamps without a lampshade. Recessed fittings are invisible under the lamp shade. The frames come in a variety of colors (brass will match old-style interiors, while chrome ones will be perfect in the kitchen) - for detailed information, see specific product descriptions on our website. Accessories for light bulbs from well-known manufacturers Import  and Smart  is a guarantee of high quality products and their functionality.